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UK Garage & Bodyshop 2024 Round Up

The Sagola team revved up the excitement at this year's UK Garage & Bodyshop Event, held at the NEC in Birmingham. The 2 day event, hosted by the team behind Automechanika, welcomed automotive enthusiasts and professionals in the bodyshop industry to discover the best brands and equipment on offer. 

The Sagola stand was bursting with our range of high-quality spray guns and painting equipment, as well as hosting a dedicated area where visitors could try SagolaSPRAY Virtual Reality Paint Training System. It was great to welcome both seasoned professionals and curious newcomers eager to see the latest in automotive refinishing technology. SagolaSPRAY put old-timers and newbies head-to-head in the ‘Battle of the Spray Painter’, settling once and for all, who really is the best painter! 

The real crowd pleaser was the new Sagola 4600. Visitors were blown away with how perfect it felt in their hand and were eager to try it out after hearing about its excellent transfer efficiency (thanks to the new DFT aircaps), minimal overspray and ease of maintenance with metal-to-metal technology. 

Sagola was also represented on the Sherwin Williams stand, where they demonstrated the Sherwin Williams Sagola 3300 GTO collaborative Spray Gun.  

Tim Shaw, from National Geographic’s Car S.O.S, popped onto our stand to say ‘Hi!’. Tim recently had a go at spray painting for the first time on the show and of course used our Sagola 4600!   

Overall, the UK Garage & Bodyshop Event was a great success. The Sagola team were thrilled to meet everyone that stopped by. If you couldn’t make the event but would like to know more about the Sagola automotive product range email with your requirements. 

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Sagola Drives Innovation in the Iberian Peninsula

In recent months, with the launch of the Sagola 4600 and its revolutionary DFT nozzle system, the Sagola team has been present at various fairs and events throughout Spain, Andorra, and Portugal, showcasing their products and innovations. These events have not only brought their innovations closer to the public but have also been an opportunity to demonstrate Sagola's commitment to quality and innovation in the painting and refinishing sector.

Sagola has participated in important fairs and training sessions alongside their authorized distributors in regions such as Madrid, Ávila, Mallorca, Murcia, northern and southern Portugal, the Basque Country, Catalonia, Asturias, Cantabria, and the Canary Islands. These activities have allowed the company to showcase firsthand the advantages of their products and their ability to meet the needs of professionals in the sector.

At each of these events, the Sagola team proudly presented the new Sagola 4600 spray gun, which has been very well received for its ergonomic design and ultra-fine atomization capability. Industry professionals have highlighted the precision and control this tool offers, enabling impeccable finishes with less effort and material consumption.

Another major attraction has been the Sagola Spray Virtual Paint Booth, an innovation that allows users to practice new painting techniques and evaluate existing ones accurately, without wasting materials or time preparing parts. This immersive system is pleasantly surprising for its realism and functionality, standing out as an essential tool for the training and perfection of painters.

Sagola's presence at these events has reaffirmed their commitment to bringing their products to as many professionals as possible, facilitating access to cutting-edge technologies, and strengthening their market position.

The future of painting is in motion with Sagola! #SagolaPower

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Sagola at Collision Repair Expo 2024: Innovation and Technology for the Future of Automotive Repair

From April 11 to 13, 2024, Sagola had the honor of participating in the prestigious Collision Repair Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia. This fair is the most prominent event for the automotive collision repair industry in the region, bringing together over 9,000 professionals from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Sagola presented an impressive range of products designed to meet the most demanding needs of vehicle repair and refinishing. Among the star products that captured the attendees' attention were:

  • Sagola 4600: Introduced for the first time at the expo, this spray gun stands out for its efficiency and quality in paint application. It offers ultra-fine atomization and Dynamic Flow technology, ensuring a flawless finish even at lower working pressures.
  • Sagola 3300 GTO: A versatile spray gun handling everything from base coats to fillers, thanks to its wide variety of air caps and fluid tips.
  • Sagola Spray: Sagola's virtual booth where professionals can learn and evaluate their painting techniques, improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Mini Xtreme: Perfect for spot repairs, this compact tool provides precise control and a high level of detail in the finish.
  • Disposable DPC Cups: Designed to make painters' work easier, these cups ensure quick and clean paint preparation.
  • Sagola Altair: With a high-efficiency LED lighting system, this tool allows for precise visual control during the application of colors and clear coats.
  • 5000X Series Filters: These filters ensure a supply of clean, dry compressed air, essential for a high-quality paint finish.

Sagola's presence at the Collision Repair Expo not only showcased the quality and innovation of our products but also reinforced our commitment to the automotive industry by providing advanced solutions that facilitate the work of repair and refinishing professionals.

Sagola continues to lead the way in paint equipment technology, ensuring that our customers have the best tools to achieve perfect finishes.

Let's keep shining together towards a brighter future! #SagolaPower

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Elcometer – Turning Subjective into Objective

Last week, we had the honor of being part of the jury for Spain Skills, a biennial competition that brings together young professionals in automotive painting, who will shape the future of our industry.

In the final evaluations, two products from Elcometer Inspection Equipment played a crucial role: the Elcometer 415T dry film thickness gauge and the Elcometer 480T gloss meter.

We used the Elcometer 415T thickness gauge to assess the uniformity of the painting. We conducted 15 measurements across the entire surface of the painted piece and focused on the "standard deviation" value provided by the 415T. The lower this value, the more uniform the painting, and thus, the higher the score for the competitor.

Similarly, we used the Elcometer 480T gloss meter to obtain an objective evaluation of the finish quality achieved by each participant.

Subjective concepts such as painting uniformity or appearance, which are typically evaluated by eye, are transformed into objective assessments thanks to Elcometer's measurement equipment. This way, we turn the subjective into objective.

The representative from Cantabria achieved the highest score in the combined assessment of gloss and uniformity, earning his institute the Elcometer prize: an Elcometer 3 inspection kit.


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Sagola drives sectoral training with innovation and educational collaborations

In its firm commitment to the advancement and training of future sector professionals, Sagola has not only forged ties with prestigious educational centers and participated in specialized events but has also marked a milestone in educational innovation with the launch of its new product, the Sagola Spray. This virtual reality system represents a leap in technical training, allowing users to paint in a fully equipped virtual booth, where they can experiment with new techniques and perfect the angle, speed, and paint load without the costs or limitations of a physical environment.

The collaboration with institutions such as CIFP Ferrolterra, CEFP Salesianos Padre Aramburu, IES Enrique Tierno Galván, Escola Tècnica Girona, and IES Diego Marín Aguilera, among others, has been enriched by integrating the Sagola Spray into their training programs. This innovative system not only facilitates more interactive and efficient learning but also underscores Sagola's commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact by eliminating the need to use physical materials in the learning phase.

Notable figures from the educational and professional field, such as Mr. Rubén Fernández from Comercial Teijido, Mr. Alberto Díaz from CEFP Salesianos Padre Aramburu, and Mr. Pedro Urda, organizer of the SpainSkills, have recognized the potential of the Sagola Spray as a revolutionary tool in the training of emerging talents.

Sagola's presence at the SMOPYC Fair in Zaragoza, invited by the European Association of Future Professionals (AFUPRO) and with the participation of Mr. Jesús María Gómez, president of AFUPRO, reflects the relevance of innovation and collaboration between the industry and the educational sector for the advancement of the sector.

The closure of this cycle of educational initiatives was crowned by the visit of teachers from IES Diego Marín Aguilera to Sagola's headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz, where the educational team, composed of Fernando Vigo, Alejandro Ventosa, Pablo Helguera, and Fernando Ortega, was able to closely learn about the innovations and Sagola's approach to the future of the sector.

With these actions, Sagola reaffirms its position in the sector, paving the way for the next generation of professionals to face future challenges with a solid foundation of knowledge, advanced technical skills, and a sustainable and efficient vision of work.

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Sagola Shines Brightly at Peña Profesional Fair 2024!

During the recent edition of Peña Profesional, held from March 6 to 8, 2024, at the Exhibition, Fair and Convention Center of Córdoba, Sagola showcased its technological innovations in the field of automotive repair and maintenance.

One of the highlighted products was our Sagola Altair LED ultra-lighting system, an exclusive solution for our 4600 series guns. This system, in addition to being ideal for worry-free cleaning due to its waterproof nature, respects the gun's center of gravity, ensuring comfortable and ergonomic use, thanks to its optimized design that also does not generate shadows.

Another innovation presented was the Sagola Spray, a virtual painting booth. It allows users to practice and perfect their painting techniques virtually, without the need to spend product or prepare physical pieces. Each painted section is evaluated and scored, providing an invaluable educational tool for professionals and students. The Sagola Spray captured the interest of many Professional Training institutes, demonstrating the importance of equipping future professionals with the highest quality tools.

As for our paint guns, the 4600 series, which includes the famous 4600 Xtreme and the special edition 4600 Overland Adventure, continue to prove to be the fastest guns on the market with the highest product transfer. This feature is especially valued by workshops, as it allows saving product and time, thus optimizing work processes.

In air treatment, we highlight the importance of a pure air system in paint booths. Sagola's 5000X series filters represent the optimal solution, offering up to three stages of filtration to achieve the highest degree of cleanliness in booths and painting lines. The system includes an 8-micron sintered bronze filter, a 0.01-micron coalescent filter, and a final large-section activated carbon filter, capable of eliminating water, impurities, organic vapors, and air odors.

Furthermore, we introduced Elcometer inspection equipment, designed to offer precision and reliability in the evaluation of finishes and coatings, ensuring that each job meets the most demanding quality standards.

We wish to express our gratitude to Grupo Peña, our distributor, for the excellent organization and for providing a platform that not only allows us to showcase our latest innovations but also promotes the development of emerging talent in the sector. Collaboration and commitment to training and innovation continue to be fundamental pillars for Sagola, and events like Peña Profesional are essential for moving towards the future of the automotive sector. With an increasingly notable presence at industry events throughout the Iberian Peninsula, Sagola reaffirms its position as an indispensable partner for professionals in automotive repair, industry, wood, and construction. The company thanks all attendees for their interest and participation and is committed to continuing to work to provide products and solutions that meet the changing needs of the market and contribute to the evolution of the sector.

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Sagola Hosts Elcometer's Annual Sales Conference in Vitoria-Gasteiz

Last week, Sagola, a proud member of the Elcometer group, hosted the Annual Sales Conference for the Spray Equipment Division at our facilities in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. This event brought together colleagues from all over the world, including England, France, Spain, the United States, the Netherlands, Mexico, Japan, Germany, the United Arab Emirates, and the Republic of Singapore, in a unified effort to revolutionize the automotive and industrial finishing sectors.

The conference focused on discussing innovative strategies and unveiling new products poised to transform our industry. Among the highlights were the new models of pneumatic pumps, designed to provide advanced solutions and enhance efficiency in finishing processes.

In addition to the enriching professional program, the event also offered attendees the chance to experience the local culture and cuisine. Activities included tours and tastings to explore the authentic flavors of the region, providing a memorable experience for everyone.

This event marks a significant step on our path towards innovation and revolution in the market. Our ambition is to continue growing and strengthening our global distributor network. This will allow us to bring our cutting-edge solutions to more customers in the automotive and industrial finishing industries worldwide. Our sales team, now comprising over 40 dedicated individuals, stands as a testament to this growth and our commitment to excellence.

We sincerely thank all the conference participants for their engagement and contributions. Your passion and dedication are crucial to our collective success. Together, we are not only enhancing our products and services but also strengthening the relationships within our global team.

We look forward to the future with excitement, ready to face the challenges and seize the opportunities that await us in 2024 and beyond. Thank you for being part of this journey. We will continue to work together to reach new heights of success.

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Sagola Joins the 5th Distinguished Automotive Painters Contest

Sagola is pleased to announce its support for the exciting 5th Distinguished Automotive Painters Contest. This renowned event is set to take place on October 6th and 7th at the Training Center of Cañizares Piñero, located in Las Rozas (Madrid), marking a milestone in the automotive painting industry.

This edition promises to be particularly thrilling as it gathers the winners from the previous four editions in an "Extra Final." The finalists, whose skill and dedication to vehicle painting have brought them to this stage, include David Cubero Ceballos (Madrid), Antonio Reyna Krahmer (Málaga), Iván Alba Rodríguez (Madrid), and Juan José Aguirre Núñez (Badalona).

The painters will showcase their skills through theoretical and dynamic tests designed to challenge their knowledge and expertise in the art of automotive painting. A select panel of judges, in which Sagola plays a significant role, will oversee and evaluate each test, determining the deserving winner of the competition.

The event will kick off with a welcome dinner on Friday, October 6th, providing an opportunity for interaction among participants and their families. Saturday, October 7th, will feature a packed agenda of exciting activities, including the "Extra Final" tests, culminating at noon with the trophy presentation ceremony and a delightful meal.

Sagola is proud to provide the most advanced painting equipment on the market for the tests and to showcase its innovative virtual reality system, Sagola Spray. This allows the public to experience the sensations of being a painter in a fully equipped paint booth.

To all participants, Sagola wishes the best of luck and hopes that the finest talent shines in the "Extra Final." May the best painter win!

Those looking to secure a spot at this thrilling event can request it through the "Distinguished Painters Group" on Facebook or get in touch with the sponsors. Spaces are limited, so don't miss the chance to be part of this celebration of skill and creativity in the world of automotive painting!

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Sagola in action: A prominent presence in industry fairs and events

Throughout the year, Sagola reinforces its active presence at various fairs and events in Spain, Portugal and Andorra, presenting its products and establishing connections in the industry. Some of the fairs and events where Sagola has been part of include:

  • Fourteenth edition of Peña Profesional
  • Autoflex Group / Sodicor, Portugal
  • Third AD Tecnica conference
  • Expomecanica Portugal
  • AD Regenauto in Arre, Pamplona
  • Technical Conference on Tools for wood, industry and construction at Ferastur, Gijón, Spain.
  • Boira Commercial Technical Fair
  • AutoProf 2023
  • AD Salas AD Siro
  • Quimiregua
  • AD Masanes IV
  • Wood Fair Corn Supply
  • Discaher Technical Conference
  • Gravity Paint in Portugal

During the last few months, Sagola has had the honor of receiving visits from prominent personalities and industry representatives. Among them, we had the pleasure of welcoming several Certified First associated workshops to the Prasa Group, a leading company in the sector. In addition, Sagola received the visit of several workshops associated to Certified First. We also received the visit of Pedro Urda, coordinator of the Ministry of Education for Spain Skills, together with Carlos Olias, CEO of Pinturas Carman, a company with a long history in the field of automotive painting, who showed great interest in our commitment to the development and support of young talents in the painting sector.

These visits reinforce our position as a reference in the industry and inspire us to continue working to offer quality products and support the growth and development of the automotive paint sector.

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