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RM Competition - Best Painter 2013

As usual collaborator with the brand, SAGOLA took active part in the RM Final Competition to the Best Painter 2013. SAGOLA was member of the evaluation jury. The event took place last 22nd March at the Training Center of BASF Coatings in Guadalajara. This competition is recognized worldwide, so the winner of this edition, Fernando Martín Ferreres, will attend the Final which will be held in Paris with participants coming from Europe, Asia and South of Africa. During the competition several finalists decided on using Sagola top range products for their practical performance, such as the 5300 filters, antistatic hoses, Super Flow dryers and of course the 4500 Xtreme spray guns for both waterborne and HS products. Last but not least the Mini Xtreme was mostly chosen for the feathering step. The winner received as award the smart SAGOLA 4500 Xtreme 1.3XL (LXT Clear) spray gun. The other 3 finalists were rewarded with our brand new SAGOLA 4100 GTO 1.4 (GTO TECH) spray gun. We wish all the best to the Spanish winner in the International Final in France. Good luck Nando!!
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PPG theory and practical sessions

With the aim of cooperating and transferring knowledge, information and experiences within the Refinishing and the industrial Bodyshop sector, SAGOLA has recently attended several training sessions carried out by the PPG Iberica Group, focused on a selection of Spanish and Portuguese technicians with their three main paint brands: PPG, Nexa Autocolor and MaxMeyer. From Sagola we thank PPG the opportunity we were given to join these theory-practical specialized sessions as we really believe that this kind of actions contribute to significantly improve the effectiveness of future actions of help to workshops and industries when having enquiries or doubts in matters as filtration or compressed airline tempering both concerning spray guns and high transfer paint equipments.
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SAGOLA achieves homologation from TATA INDIA

SAGOLA has just obtained the homologation of the Indian automobile manufacturer TATA MOTORS, which is considered one of the largest manufacturers in the world. Being not only owner of TATA, but also of JAGUAR and LAND ROVER, Sagola spray guns were tested and homologated at their Indian headquarters. Together with our importer for this Asian country, ASIAN PPG, they tested different SAGOLA models, among which stand out the application of the top range model, 4500 XTREME for finishes and waterborne applications. Other highlighted products among the tests were the 3300 PRO and MINI XTREME, the 5200 top range filter and the SUPERFLOW dryer. The result was the achievement of the homologation of one of the most important automobile manufacturers in the world. Thanks to that SAGOLA will be able to let their spray guns and filters in the official workshops belonging to TATA MOTORS in India. Once the approval of the main paint manufacturers is achieved, we in SAGOLA will work ahead in the pursuit of the main car manufacturers approval.
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SAGOLA presents their new exclusive importer for Brazil ROBERLO DO BRASIL

ROBERLO DO BRASIL We are glad to announce that Sagola has selected a new exclusive importer for Brazil. From 1st January the company ROBERLO DO BRASIL is assuming the function of exclusive importer and distribution for the Brazilian Market. Sagola and Roberlo came to the agreement to a cooperating project with the aim of strengthening Sagola brand in the country and guaranteeing this way a better support to all the Brazilian Sagola distributors and users. With this new agreement SAGOLA intends to intensify their presence and brand image with a noticeable improvement in several aspects: - Better technical service. - Further technical and commercial support. - Product stock. - Better commercial attention and more Marketing actions. - Regular product presentations. - More information about Sagola products in the Market. Roberlo has the complete support and backup from Sagola Spain and they will launch together several actions in order to guarantee the attention to the whole distribution network in Brazil. Roberlo has a wide commercial network consisting of specialized representing agents and distributors who will assist the customers and users of Sagola in the country. Technical staff from Sagola headquarters will travel regularly to Brazil in order to be able to train and give technical support to the whole commercial network. Roberlo will maintain stock there so that they can give the best service. All in all Roberlo is in disposition to give the necessary assessment and technical support to the whole Brazilian territory, including the technical service in order to guarantee the optimum assistance to all our customers. In spite of the fact that the official presentation will take place next April, customers and representing agents have been already contacted and they have even officially presented the 4500 XTREME spray gun for bodyshop with excellent results. With this new cooperation project between two master companies, SAGOLA takes a new step as for its presence in Brazil with the evident target of approaching their customers and improve the assistance and service. Within the next weeks they will present the complete range of SAGOLA products in order to be able to give service to all the workshops. We will inform about every news and actions to be carried out in Brazil in next statements. For the moment you can take note of the contact details of ROBERLO DO BRASIL.
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World Skills International Finals

Joshua Fistonich, World Skills New Zealand winner, to use SAGOLA spray guns in World Skills International finals in Germany 2013 Joshua Fistonich is a young man that recently won the New Zealand World Skills in Automotive Refinishing and he will use SAGOLA sprayguns in the final in Leizpig (Germany) . After winning the regional competition in Auckland, the national competition, sponsored by Resene Automotive and Light Industrial, was held at CPIT Trades Innovation Institute. Their trainers Roger Hiini, from Resene Automotive and Light Industrial, and Jason Lynch, from SAGOLA’s New Zealand importer WA STROUD, are very proud of the job done by Joshua. He is now working in a panel beating shop in Orewa, Auckland, where he will go on training with SAGOLA equipment to do his best in World Skills International finals. First time Joshua tested SAGOLA 4500 Xtreme he said, “I used the LXT CLEAR cap and was blown away, the way it flows and sprays. It just works wonderful. I was walking round the shop with a huge smile on my face and everyone else was laughing”. World Skills International final will be held in Leipzig, Germany, in July 2013. We wish Joshua all the best for the finals! Good luck Josh! To find more information about World Skills, please log on to:
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Mikel Jaúregui Gil, recently appointed General Manager in SAGOLA MEXICO

SAGOLA MEXICO Mikel Jaúregui has been recently appointed by SAGOLA to head the manufacturing plant that SAGOLA owns in Mexico. The new General Manager in SAGOLA MEXICO is 41 years old and he was born in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Spain). He graduated in Business Studies at the Complutense University in Madrid. Mikel started his professional career in some of the most important companies in northern Spain, such as Mercedes Benz España S.A. and Cegasa International S.A. He has occupied commercial positions in Dates Automovil España, Estudios, Mercados y Suministros S.L., Grupo Jimenez Belinchón and finally in Aernnova Aerospace. From SAGOLA Spain we would like to welcome him and wish him all the best for this new challenge at the head of SAGOLA Mexico.
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SAGOLA takes advantage of the EXPOFERRETERA of GUADALAJARA 2012 tradeshow to make known its new production plant in MEXICO

First of all we would like to thank all the people who visited our stand for their interest and willingness to know more about the brand and the whole range of products we offer. In this new edition visitors could see and touch the most representative products of the sector, and there was a high interest in getting to know all the products that make our range particularly interesting as specialized project able to help them solve and assist the needs that paint users demand in Mexico nowadays. We presented the complete range of aerographic spray guns as well as our mix and airless systems with our pumps and pressure pots, and also our automatic guns, all of them especially designed to properly adapt to the newest paints and clears as the waterborne ones, where our products made in stainless steel ensure the best performance possible. Especially to highlight was the interest of the distribution net to cooperate with a first level manufacturer with a wide range of spray guns that fulfill the needs of quality and price in the Mexican market, and present in 82 countries worldwide. Thanks to everyone who rely on SAGOLA. We are there for you at our plant in QUERETARO.
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New Autumn 2012 leaflet. New products and offers

Bodyshop 2012. Leaflet. SAGOLA introduces new products to answer body shops needs based in professionalism and quality. Amongst other products, we can highlight the 4500 Xtreme, the renewed MiniXtreme, the introduction of the new 4100 GTO which offers the highest quality/price ratio for finishing, improved 5000 series filters, new breathing masks, etc. There are so many things to see in the Autumn 2012 leaflet.
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Launch of new Brochure Body 2012

Latest news SAGOLA. New launch of the latest promotional brochure for the area of the bodyshop. SAGOLA presents the latest news in 2012. SAGOLA presented within the full range of guns from the range 4500 Xtreme, the renewed filters 5000 range accompanied by the new PACK 6000 Air Heater, the great revolution for heating air in the cabin. Also offers all necessary accessories and complements for the professional the bodywork.
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