As a reference it is worth noting that SAGOLA was one of the first companies in Spain to obtain ISO certification, which meant a new management model where improvisation was forgotten and gave way to a management organization fully controlled and automated.

The commitment to the environment by SAGOLA has always been one of its main objectives. This is the reason why SAGOLA has been a pioneer in the manufacture of equipment for low-emission paint solvent to the atmosphere. We were pioneers in meeting environmental regulations as strict as the 1151 of the US California State SCAQMD.

On the other hand the commitment to uphold the highest standards of security makes the manufacture of our products to evolution continuously in its design and manufacturing process.

Therefore our standard products meet CE, ATEX, IP54, etc.

SAGOLA is a company which spends significant resources in R&D and is always in constant evolution. As result of this investigation and due to the need of protection of our own Know-how, SAGOLA is very active in all related with the intellectual property, being owner of a large number of patents worldwide.

Undoubtedly, SAGOLA is a recognized brand worldwide so in this aspect, the protection levels of our brand worldwide are very high. SAGOLA has got registered its different brands (SAGOLA, DEFYNIK and DELON) practically worldwide.

Sagola continues to adopt and develop its quality management system for continuous improvement, and thus provide constant quality of its products to its distribution network.

In May 2020, Sagola was certified as to the fulfillment of the requirements of the standard EN 9100: 2018 for the following activity: anodizing of aluminum parts for aeronautics.

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