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Sagola participates in the Expo Reparacion Automotriz 2010 with its exclusive importer Paint Shop

SAGOLA participates at the Mexican Fair EXPO REPARACION AUTOMOTRIZ 2010 with its exclusive importer for Bodyshop Paint Shop. New products and developments were presented during this exhibition, like NEW 4400 XTREME AIR CAPS and NEW 3300 PRO SPRAY GUN, both with a very good market acceptance. Other products highlighted during the fair were our AIR FILTERS RANGE FOR SPRAY BOOTH, very important issue bearing in mind the great expansion of WATER BASE PAINTS.
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Sagola participates in the most important chinese fair for repair and car refinish

SAGOLA takes advantage AUTO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR 2010 to present in CHINA latest developments in spray guns LAUNCHING NEW AIR CAPS FOR 4400 XTREME and NEW SPRAY GUN 3300 PRO, having a very good acceptance among both distributors and final user, as we managed to see during the exhibition. SAGOLA IS MAKING A GREAT EFFORT IN CHINA, WE ARE AWARE ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS MARKET AND THE GROWTH IN WATER BASE PAINTS that is experimenting currently With this Fair, SAGOLA shows the distribution in CHINA its intention to be increasingly present in this country and keep growing the market share that we are getting over the past few years. Other products highlighted during the fair with special interest were our AIR FILTERS RANGE FOR SPRAY BOOTH, very important issue bearing in mind the great expansion of WATER BASE PAINTS.
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Sagola participates in the international Hardware Fair Cologne (Germany 2010)

SAGOLA still backs for years to strengthen its export power and to deal with its more than 80 international markets closely. For this, we have been in Cologne, meeting point for many of our worldwide distributors where they have managed to check our NEW GENERAL CATALOGUE 10/11, divided in three sections: CAR REFINISH sector, INDUSTRIAL AND HARDWARE sector and DECORATION / CONSTRUCTION sector. Besides, TWO NEW SPRAY GUN MODELS were presented during this Fair: CLASSIC PRO GRAVITY and 472 PRO. These two models complete the WHOLE RANGE of spray guns offered currently by SAGOLA, an evolution toward a more ergonomic and attractive design for final user visible from more than year ago. Moreover SAGOLA CELEBRATED WITH ITS IMPORTERS ITS 55th ANNIVERSARY, which was especially emotive for those importers that have been working with SAGOLA for more than 35 years.
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The new 3300PRO, the evolution continues

Experience the latest technology and best solutions for application: HS Fillers, primers, mouldings materials, wood, paint metal, plastics, construction and general industry. The manufacturer of spray guns, SAGOLA, launches the new 3300 PRO set to drive innovation and setting apart as market leaders for the medium range of spray guns. High quality materials, the best spraying solutions for fillers, enamels, varnishes, primers in the construction, industry, wood and bodywork sectors. Besides providing the economic benefits, the spray gun meets the highest manufacturing requirements and standards expected and all supported by the longest product warranty (3 years). The great contribution to the new PRO 3300 is focus on qualities offering large spray savings and low mist (HVLP aircup), the minimum air consumption and high quality finishing (EPA aircup), the maximum speed with putty, high thickness, textured and tails (64S and 62S aircups) and the highest quality industrial finishes with high application rate (EVO aircup). The large air cap range and the large availability of paint set ups from 1.4, 1.6, 1.8, 2.20 and 2.80 makes it one of the most versatile models of the bodywork, construction and industry markets.
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SAGOLA presents its range of bodywork in fairs and EXPO CESVI MOTORTEC (Mexico)

The Xtreme 4400G line with the new Mini Xtreme were the protagonists of the two Fairs. Nozzle Plus (+) Generation was presented to the application of water based chemicals (Aqua +) or Varnish (RXT02 +) in its range Xtreme.
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NEW Aircaps for the SAGOLA 4400 Xtreme

The new aircups are released to meet the needs of our customers. Furthermore, we believe that thanks to this release is providing added value to the increasingly demanding market. Aircups widely accepted as the AQUA + special water-based products, or the RXT02+ aircups special for monolayers and lacquers. It also provides multiproduct RXT01 and RXT03 for HVLP systems.
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