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SAGOLA keeps reinforcing its compromise with the compressed air filtration solutions, inside the spraybooth.

All 5000 range has been renovated, matching the corporative colours, and making more visually attractive the existent top range filters offer, specially the best selling models, due mainly to the new paints needs; like HS clears and waterborne paints. With the 5200 and 5300 models leading this range. Air filtration systems able to offer a top air quality; with 0,01 micron of solid particles filtration, and chemical filtration, avoiding any kind of pollutant gases in the line, and giving a breathing quality air supply. Also, following our compromise with all those shops that already put their trust in us, and bought our air filters before, we from SAGOLA have designed a new upgrade kit, that makes possible, in an easy way, to upgrade and increase the performance of previous 5100 and 5200 units, adding a new stage to these, and making them become a latest generation filtration system, with a low investment cost. There are two different versions, depending on the existent filter: Ref. 56418521- UPGRADE KIT FROM 5100 TO 5200 (Coalescent stage) Ref. 56418520- UPGRADE KIT FROM 5200 TO 5300 (Active Coal stage)
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Sagola, awarded in the Innovation Gallery, triumphed in Motortec Trade Fair 2011, getting a great reception from the public

The Spanish manufacturer of painting equipment, spray guns and filtration systems really appreciates. Sagola took the opportunity to present its new products at the International Automotive Parts, Equipment and Service Suppliers Trade Fair, among which the new 4500 XTREME spray gun is noteworthy, being awarded in the Innovation Gallery as the most avant-garde product in the after-sales sector, in the paint and bodywork section. All versions of the new Sagola spray gun perfectly meet bodywork current needs, being worth mentioning the DIGITAL version, which works with four different types of aircaps in HVLP and EPA for varnish as well as for waterborne paints. Therefore, members of the Innovation Gallery jury, led by José Antonio Jiménez-Saceda, president of the Organizational Committee of Motortec Automechanika Ibérica, and the visitors who wanted to participate with their votes, chose the new Sagola 4500 Xtreme spray gun as the flagship product in the paint and bodywork section thanks to its technical advances such as high transference and performance, which is addressed to all new refinish paints for the car repaint sector. Likewise, Sagola really appreciates the interest shown by the public attending the trade fair, who did not hesitate to visit the stand of the Spanish manufacturer to see the novelties, a stand which was specially striking thanks to a lighting panel whose height sets it apart from the rest of stands and to the presence of a fully equipped Mercedes that caught everybody’s eye due to its aggressive design. Sagola presented, among other things, the new MINI XTREME, whose ergonomics and colour follows the same vein as the 4500 XTREME, becoming the crown jewel for the quick repair. Public also got to know models 3300 PRO and CLASSIC PRO, spray guns for the use of fillers with the best performance in HVLP and EPA, as well as the current range of Sagola filtration systems that, with its four models (5300, 5200, 5100 and 5000), cover all needs of the various users. In addition, together with this filtration system range, Sagola presented its PACK 6000 AIRHEATER as a novelty, which is expected to revolutionize the air treatment in the bodywork sector. Therefore, once more, Sagola, thanks to its quality and customer service, showed the most interest in the development of its R&D&i and its consolidated position in the international market, where it is an excellent alternative since it offers approvals issued by the world main paint manufacturers. Thanks from Sagola.
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Bodyshop Brochure, Spain

Sagola presents its new products generation. Taking advantage of the launching of the latest products, SAGOLA offers great promotions in their brochures through its distribution network. Promotion Motortec 2011 Bodyshop: 16 pages full of new products and promotions.
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Sagola presents its new products generation Taking advantage of the launching of the latest products, SAGOLA offers great promotions in their brochures through its distribution network. Promotion Ferroforma 2011 General: Sagola launches new products, great offers and gifts.
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SAGOLA stands out by tripling the space of his stand during the last edition of the Fair Automechanika 2010

The leading company in spray guns, filters and aerographical equipment, showed some of the most important products for the body shop sector. The Automechanika Fair Frankfurt has become in the last years the ideal showcase for the first national manufacturer of spraying systems SAGOLA, that takes the opportunity to present the latest innovations in the filed. The leading company in spray guns, filters and aerographical equipment, showed some of the most important products for the body shop sector, such as air filters for the spray paint booths and the range of spray guns, among which we can mention the 4400 Xtreme and the 3300 PRO. The visitors have seen and appreciate positively the international evolution that SAGOLA has developed in the last years, their presence and notoriety are being keys for new markets where it is obtaining very important quotas of market, which consolidate the Spanish company as a benchmark company in the filed. The last evolutions have been recognized by all agents as a great effort to meet the painter requirements and needs. As usual, SAGOLA we would like to thank you for your interest in supporting our international distribution network and the regular and new importers which succeed in boosting SAGOLA presence and volume in more than 80 countries. We would like to thank everyone for their effort.
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Release of our New General Catalogue

DISCOVER what is new in SAGOLA with our new CATALOGUE 10/11, where you will find all the information you need of each product of your interest. Our new CATALOGUE is a complete guide with more than 300 pages full of images, graphs, applications and technical data. For your easiest reference it is classified in three sectors (“Bodyshop”, “Hardware and industrial supplies” and “Construction and decoration”). Besides, we inform you that all SAGOLA distributors have the new Price List 10/11 where all prices of our catalogue can be found. For more information do not hesitate to contact with our broad distribution network.
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Sagola participates in the Expo Reparacion Automotriz 2010 with its exclusive importer Paint Shop

SAGOLA participates at the Mexican Fair EXPO REPARACION AUTOMOTRIZ 2010 with its exclusive importer for Bodyshop Paint Shop. New products and developments were presented during this exhibition, like NEW 4400 XTREME AIR CAPS and NEW 3300 PRO SPRAY GUN, both with a very good market acceptance. Other products highlighted during the fair were our AIR FILTERS RANGE FOR SPRAY BOOTH, very important issue bearing in mind the great expansion of WATER BASE PAINTS.
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Sagola participates in the most important chinese fair for repair and car refinish

SAGOLA takes advantage AUTO MAINTENANCE & REPAIR 2010 to present in CHINA latest developments in spray guns LAUNCHING NEW AIR CAPS FOR 4400 XTREME and NEW SPRAY GUN 3300 PRO, having a very good acceptance among both distributors and final user, as we managed to see during the exhibition. SAGOLA IS MAKING A GREAT EFFORT IN CHINA, WE ARE AWARE ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS MARKET AND THE GROWTH IN WATER BASE PAINTS that is experimenting currently With this Fair, SAGOLA shows the distribution in CHINA its intention to be increasingly present in this country and keep growing the market share that we are getting over the past few years. Other products highlighted during the fair with special interest were our AIR FILTERS RANGE FOR SPRAY BOOTH, very important issue bearing in mind the great expansion of WATER BASE PAINTS.
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Sagola participates in the international Hardware Fair Cologne (Germany 2010)

SAGOLA still backs for years to strengthen its export power and to deal with its more than 80 international markets closely. For this, we have been in Cologne, meeting point for many of our worldwide distributors where they have managed to check our NEW GENERAL CATALOGUE 10/11, divided in three sections: CAR REFINISH sector, INDUSTRIAL AND HARDWARE sector and DECORATION / CONSTRUCTION sector. Besides, TWO NEW SPRAY GUN MODELS were presented during this Fair: CLASSIC PRO GRAVITY and 472 PRO. These two models complete the WHOLE RANGE of spray guns offered currently by SAGOLA, an evolution toward a more ergonomic and attractive design for final user visible from more than year ago. Moreover SAGOLA CELEBRATED WITH ITS IMPORTERS ITS 55th ANNIVERSARY, which was especially emotive for those importers that have been working with SAGOLA for more than 35 years.
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