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Venti-Service, new official Sagola distributor in Brazil

After several months of conversations, Sagola proudly announces the agreement reached with Venti-Service as a new official Sagola distributor in Brazil. The team lead by Mr. Alexandre Rodrigues, will handle our Industrial Painting solutions range, marketing, promoting and taking care of the after sales service of it. We would like to thank the entire Venti-Service team for the high commitment and enthusiasm shown with our brand, we are sure that Sagola Industrial Painting solutions rely on the best hands in Brazil.

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We present at cesvi our range of industrial painting and inspection equipment

This October we visited the CESVIMAP facilities in Ávila to present the new range of X4100 series spray guns as well a selection of Elcometer inspection equipment aimed for the bodywork and industrial vehicle sector.

During the day we had the opportunity to present and test the X4100 series in its three versions: Gravity, pressure and suction. And we carried out a technical introduction of Elcometer inspection devices such as dry film thickness gauges (Elcometer 311 and 415), dew point meters (Elcometer 319), fluid temperature thermometers (Elcometer 212), gloss meters (Elcometer 480), backlighted magnifiers ( Elcometer 137), wet film thickness combs (Elcometer 112), viscometers (Elcometer 2435 and 2351), etc ...

For the first time, Elcometer visits the prestigious research center showing its wide possibilities in the control, analysis, verification and certification of painting quality, before, during and after the vehicle painting processes.

CESVI and Sagola continue to reinforce the high level of cooperation that both institutions have maintained for years.

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Al mazalla formation

The mobility restrictions derived from the COVID 19 crisis have affected our daily habits and customs.
Likewise, Sagola's product department has been forced to adapt to this new scenario by intensifying online training.
In recent weeks, AL MAZALLA, our exclusive distributor in the industrial sector for the Saudi market, has been trained by one of the members of the product department, Diego Fernández.
In this way, Sagola continues to bet on the constant formation of its international distribution network.

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Sagola reinforces presence in Guatemala

During the last months of April and May, we have been taking different actions to reinforce the market share of Sagola products in the country of Guatemala through our official and authorized importer Grupo Imade.

First of all, we travelled to the country in order to give the proper training to the sales and technical team of our importer, also visiting some potential customers and distributors in different sectors like Industrial Painting or Automotive Refinish & Bodyshop. This action fully confirmed the great interest of Guatemalan market in Sagola range of products. Additionally, this on-site visits and training, was strengthened with further on-line technical training, with some deeper knowledge that now enables Grupo Imade as fully trained importer to offer the best range of products with local inventory, the best commercial advise and recommendations to each customer and a great technical service and maintenance.

We would like to thank Santizo family and the rest of Grupo Imade team for their great commitment with Sagola as a brand, and the great level of effort and excitement shown on this joint project for Guatemala.


Para colocar en la web, y si puedes, en RRSS cuando puedas.

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The new X4100 Series already in progress

During this month of April, the last field tests of this long-awaited industrial model are being carried out, in its renewed Pressure and Suction versions, with its new, ergonomic and effective design.

In addition to different prototype tests in industrial users, the automobile and industrial vehicle research center, CESVIMAP, is actively participating in the tests of this new range, with the first series units already in its hands.

Maintaining the essence, functionality, robustness and solutions, which has always characterized our legendary 4100 Xtreme and 4100 top industrial model (first versions launched in 1991), the new X4100 Series improves behavior, ergonomics, comfort, weight and also reduces the size aiming to lead the industrial painting sector once again. 

The pressure model brings many improvements. The suction version we can just be considered as the best spray gun within that range.

Available at the main SAGOLA distributors next May.

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New 3300GTO QUIMBAYA, inspired in Colombia

Sagola proudly launches a new Limited Edition of the 3300GTO Spray Gun, named as 3300GTO QUIMBAYA. Inspired in the best of Colombia, and aimed for the most exigent painters, this spray gun has been designed in close cooperation with our official importer Coherco Ingeniería de Herramientas.

Equipped with high transfer air caps (over 65% transfer rate), the new 3300GTO QUIMBAYA offers an exceptional application speed along with a large fan size reaching 280mm. Definitely, a spray gun to match the most exigent and delicate works.

The new 3300GTO QUIMBAYA will be available in the upcoming days, but only for the Colombian market initially, please do not hesitate to contact our official 

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Sagola, proud sponsor of the “48-state tour” of our official importer SprayGunner

In the final part of this 2020 year, and mainly focused on the 2021 year, our official and authorized importer in the US SprayGunner will carry out a very attractive marketing and promotion action of equipment, techniques, and different features involving Custom Painting. This tour consists off fully equipping a light vehicle and an additional full-equipped bus in order to make all the demos necessary and show the features and performance of all the products SprayGunner offers, and Sagola will be present on this ambitious project of the “48-state tour” showing the features and performance of our spray gun range.

Please find attached the following video, where Artem Raa (Business Development Manager) explains the main details of this tour.

We wish Artem and the whole team of SprayGunner all the best for this tour, and we in Sagola will be at their entire disposal in order to help on anything the tour might require.

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Sagola and Exi-Pro reach an agreement for direct cooperation in Venezuela

During these difficult pandemic-based times, not every news are bad coming from different countries all around the world, and from Sagola we are very proud to announce the agreement reached with Exi-Pro Representaciones. The team leaded by Mr. Luis Naranjo, will be in charge to market and promote Sagola range of products in Venezuela as our official and authorized dealer in the country, specially focused on Bodyshop and Refinish sectors. During the last days, different on-line training sessions have been developed between our Technical Staff in Spain and Ex-Pro Staff in Venezuela, and in few days the first units of Sagola equipment will be available in Venezuela in order to start 2021 year being able to offer a great variety of Sagola equipment in the Country.

We would like to highlight the great background and experience of the Staff of Exi-Pro in the sector, they are also official importers of Sherwin Williams in Venezuela; along with the full support they are receiving from our premises in Spain, we are very confident that Exi-Pro will be able to offer the commercial advice to the customer-base along with and exceptional after sales and technical service with all the spare parts that will be soon available at their premises.

We would like to specially thank to Mr Luis Naranjo, General Manager of Exi-Pro, for the great interest and attitude shown to become official and authorized importers of Sagola to reach this agreement in a very short period of time. We really hope this would mean a clear sign of the easy-communication we are having, and a sign of a very long way to go in the future together on this beautiful project recently started in Venezuela.

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Sagola presents the new Limited Edition “3300GTO La Tica”

Sagola has designed in a very close cooperation with our official importer in Costa Rica, Comercializadora Automotriz 4Js de Grecia, a new Limited Edition of the 3300GTO spray gun called “La Tica”. It is inspired in the huge eco-awareness and the extraordinary natural exuberance in Central America, and personalized in Costa Rica.

The new Limited Edition “3300GTO La Tica”, is assembled both with 1.2 and 1.3 nozzles and TECH air cap, so it is specially recommended for refinish applications with great finish-quality on single stage coats and clearcoats. Additionally, TECH air cap enables to get a great transfer-rate (over 65%), minimizing the overspray and reducing considerably the paint consumption whilst maintaining an exceptional application speed, perfect features matching eco-awareness and natural inspirations as key stadpoints for Sagola.

This model will be initially launched in Costa Rica through our official importer Comercializadora Automotriz 4Js de Grecia, we highly encourage and kindly invite to our international network to contact us to check and enquire about the possibilities of designing and launching an specific Limited Edition inspired on the features that could be found on each country or area.

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