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Axalta Korea training seminar

Sagola reinforces its presence in the Asian market by closing a distribution agreement with Axalta Korea. As a result of this agreement, from February 20 to 23 the Sagola Technical Product Manger visited them to provide a training seminar.

The training was held in the city of Icheon with a selection of Axalta distributors from the South Korean market. It has been organized in two parts; one of them more theoretical for a better knowledge of the products of the Sagola Refinish Catalogue and another part, a practical training in which Sagola range of spray guns for bodyshop were tested with different Axalta products, particularly the new "Cromax Ez" basecoat that obtained more than satisfactory results with the 4600 Xtreme Aqua. 

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Test in PPG Milan

The Research and Training Center of PPG located in their production facilities in Milan, supports the training needs for the paint manufacturer`s technicians from Europe, Africa and Middle East; it is a world benchmark Research and Training Center.

Last February 13, Sagola Product Technical Director visited PPG facilities to hold some application tests with our range of spray gun for bodyshop and some of the most important products of PPG, Nexa Autocolor and Max Meyer brands.

We had the opportunity to test our 4600 Xtreme spray gun for finishes, our Spot Repair Mini Xtreme gun and present our new 3300 GTO CAR finishing spray gun.

The tests were successful and will provide the basis for the PPG application guide update and for a future technical collaboration agreement between both companies.

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Spekter (Slovenia) visit Sagola

This month we have received in Sagola the visit of Spekter, our distrubutor in Slovenia. A team of 6 commercial technicians came from Zalec together with Eldar Osmancevic, the Commercial Director, with the purpose of visiting facilities, knowing the range of products and meet Sagola team.


The beginning of the visit took place in Sagola manufacturing facilities and then they continued with a presentation of the range of products for bodyshop in the training center. They finnaly visit some local Body Shops where they could check the high performance and quality of Sagola painting equipments.

It was a great pleasure to welcome such a motivated and profesional team. 

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Sagola in Autoprof Gorinchem

Sagola was present at this year´s Autoprof trade show in Gorinchem (Holland) from 12 to 14 of February, an unavoidable event for industry professional in The Netherlands.

During this time, Sagola and its Dutch distributor Imbema Rhiwa, had the chance to show the latest product novelties to close to 10.000 professionals that visited the event.

Sagola not only displayed the top of the line spraying guns, air filters and pressure pots amongst other, but also took part in the product live demonstrations showing the excellence in the spraying performance of its spray guns.

This exhibition was also the perfect chance to show the latest Sagola limited edition, 4600 Scrambler, whose image was leading the booth design.

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PPG meeting conferences

This February, SAGOLA has participated in the training conferences for a large number of PPG Refinish technicians from Spain and Portugal. Training was held in PPG headquarters in Rubí (Barcelona) for PPG and NEXA technicians with two main objectives:

  • Industrial application equipment, focus on the industrial vehicle painting. Identification, selection and operation of high production painting system (Pressure pot, DM, Mixed, Airless ...), more suitable for every need of the new industrial paint lines PPG and NEXA. High performance and large surfaces spray guns (4600 Xtreme) for its main finishing products.
  • Compressed air, its importance in a perfect finish: a deep analysis with the experienced team of technicians of the brand. The importance of air installations, cleaning degrees, relative humidity, temperatures and dew point, both in the air compressed line and in the application booth, as well as in the piece or vehicle to be painted. Main air treatment and control equipment that PPG already has in the booths of its modern facilities in Rubí.

Sagola wants to thank PPG again for the opportunity of sharing experiences and knowledge with their technical team and for the cooperation, interest and motivation shown by both the organizing team (Jordi, Carles, Manel) and all the participating technicians; a pleasant experience that we hope will be repeated.

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Lechler homologation

Last December, Sagola Technical Team visited the paint manufacturer Lechler in Italy in order to present the last spray guns launches; 4600 Xtreme, 3300 GTO, 3300 GTO CAR and Mini Xtreme

During the training sessions held at the Lechler headquarters in Como, some tests were run with the new Sagola spray guns using Lechler water-based colors of the Hydrofan range and the Macrofan clearcoats, among other products of the manufacturer.

The application tests were successful and the homologation of the products was fixed in the new application guide with the aim of achieving the best finishes and the most productive processes for the workshop.

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BASF training conferences

At the beginning of last December, the technical team of SAGOLA, had the opportunity to visit to the central facilities that BASF has in Guadalajara.

The purpose of this trip was to participate in several training sessions, focus on both BASF internal technicians (from their CV line and their BCS) and technicians from their main Distributors in the National market.

The training was very specific, focused on painting systems with its CV line for commercial and industrial vehiclespainting.

Sagola provided an important training course covering both the practical and theoretical aspectson the advantages, uses and performances of the different industrial spray systems (aerographic,airless and mixed).

Also,we had the opportunity to look for the best combinations and equipment settings for the application of the main CV products of BASF. All the technicians in both sessions had the opportunity to apply primers, basecoats and single stage with the fastest equipment and the best performance in each case.

The SAGOLA 4100 Xtreme Pressure, was tested with several versions of the hybrid aircups (Supervit and EPA), the very high-speedones (777 and 765) and the HVLP of maximum performance.

These kinds of actions reinforce even more, the great collaboration that, for decades now, BASF and SAGOLA have also maintained in their different industrial divisions. We want to show BASF team gratitude for counting on Sagola for this special training and for the implication, interest and professionalism shown during those days, both by the organizing team (Rocío, Sergio and Sebastián) and by all the technicians. A very successful action that we are willing to repeat in the near future.

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Download instruction manual from our website

As an environment-conscious company, Sagola will start a new action that reduces the quantity of paper included in the product packaging.

Instead of the instruction booklet, Sagola products will include a leaflet that will explain to the user how to get the instruction manual trough computer support.

After scanning the QR code on the leaflet, the user will be directed to Sagola URL where the manuals and exploded view drawings of each product can be found searching by code or word. Another way to get them is directly visiting

Manuals will not only be downloaded, but also online viewed to make it easier to find them anywhere and anytime and being a way of minimizing the negative impact to the environment.

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Training course in Roberlo do Brasil

Last November from 20 to 22nd , it took place a training course in the facilities of our distributor, Roberlo do Brasil. It was focus on Sagola whole range of Industrial equipment for Industrial line, in order to show both the low pressure pneumatic equipment -Aerographic- and the high pressure pneumatic equipment -Mixed and Airless-, as well as the different spray guns and accessories.

Several South America’s Roberlo subsidiaries such as Roberlo do Brasil, Roberlo Argentina and Roberlo Peru attend to the training seminar. It was also attended by Renpar S.A. (Paraguay), and some Brazilian dealers.

Sagola wants to sincerely thank the interest and enthusiasm shown by all attendees in this training action and special thanks to Albert Juher (Roberlo and Disolac Director for USA and Latin America), Marco Pargas (Roberlo do Brasil Director), Diego Lunar (Roberlo Argentina Director) and Angel Magín (Disolac Technician Manager).

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