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2017 Fair of Importaciones Vega

Our Costa Rica importer did an excellent presentation of Sagola product range in the 2017 Fair held last 11 and 12 of February by Importaciones Vega. We would like to thank to the whole team the trust and support to Sagola.
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Delivery of aerographic equipment Sagola to the Nissan Agency Culiacán Airport, Sinaloa

Jesus Benjamin Yanez Millán, Manager of the Bodyshop, Paint and Mechanic Collision Multibrand area of the Nissan Agency Culiacan Airport, Sinaloa, receives its aerographics equipment SAGOLA. 6 sets of the following guns were delivered for preparation: NEW CLASSIC LUX 1.8 for Primers 3300 EVO 1.4 for paints 4100 GTO HVLP 1.3 for Clear and / or Single-stage paints 2 sets of the following guns were delivered for painting area: 3300 EVO 1.4 for Sealant 4100 GTO TECH 1.3 for Single stage 4500 XTREME (LXT AQUA) 1.3 for Waterborne 4500 XTREME (LXT CLEAR) 1.3XL for Clearcoats
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Today is a very sad day for the whole SAGOLA family

ALEJANDRO SANCHEZ LARRAURI founder of our company died yesterday at 79 years of age. An innovator, passionate, kind, close, entrepreneur and in love with his company and his team. It leaves behind itself a history of 65 years of work, and a great brand recognized, respected and valued worldwide. Thanks to you, we are what we are today. Rest in peace. You will always be in our hearts.
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Abrastuk sales team visit

Last month we have received in Sagola the visit of the commercial team of our official distributor in Italy; Roberlo Abrastuk. An extraordinary team of 12 professionals who came not only to visit the facilities but also to know the range of products and the Sagola team as well. The beginning of the visit took place in Sagola manufacturing facilities and then they continued with a presentation of the range of products for bodyshop in the training center. It was a great chance to talk about the new spray gun 4600 Xtreme, that was welcomed with great enthusiasm. Thanks to Abrastuk team for sharing with us your doubt and suggestions, which will undoubtedly help us to offer you better support and a shared success for the future year 2017.
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New SAGOLA Washers

SAGOLA offers a new range of washers to ensure the cleaning and maintenance of your spray guns and accessories. A completely renewed range made of stainless steel providing solutions for all professional cleaning needs, for water or solvent based products. Sagola new washers are sturdy and easy handling; a good choice to make easier refinishers daily job. You will find all the technical characteristics of these five washers in the brochure. Should you need further information or if you want to take part in the launching campaign, please do not hesitate to contact us at
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Trips and visits

Last month was very busy for export and training team, full of trips, visits and courses. Sagola´s CEO, Alejandro Sanchez, visited Roberlo Abrastuk in Italy and talked about new products and joint actions for the next year. Thank you for your warm welcome. Above all there is one thing that make us very happy and this is to welcome our customers here, at home. It was a pleasure to receive the visit of Sandra and Jaime from Probitec Colombia. Thank you!
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October´s events

Sagola was present last October in the Auto Trade Expo in Dublin with Synergy; a great chance for us to be closer to refinishers to show them Sagola range of products and listen to their opinions and experiences. Thank you Synergy for your support. Sagola also took part in another event in Colombia with Probiterc; it was a two-days Bodyshop Seminar held by Cesvi Colombia where Sagola showed some of the most important products in Refinish catalogue.
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Quick coupling and conectors

Sagola provides now a wider range of quick couplings and connectors including ultra-light and safety versions to meet all the market needs. They are all made of high quality materials to ensure long-lasting products with high performance and great wear resistance. Check our catalogue and ask for free samples.
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Our commitment to education

Sagola believes that the collaboration between industry and academic world is very important for the business evolution and that is why we often held training courses in schools and universities all over the world. A group of teachers of an Auto Body Repair Degree in Aretxabaleta (Gipuzkoa) took part in the training course, where our technicians talked about products and applications for the refinish sector. They had the chance to deeply know the most important product of Sagola Refinish catalogue such as 4500 Xtrem, Mini Xtreme, 3300 Pro and air filtration systems.
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