Attention! Exclusive product for the Spanish, Portuguese, Andorran, and Mexican markets.

Sagola presents its new X 4100 Series, especially for the industrial painting sector. We maintain all the quality standards of its predecessor the 4100 and incorporate new aspects. All this makes it the perfect tool for work with very high demands in terms of quality of finish, robustness and ergonomics for continuous work.

Reduction of its dimensions to the maximum, thus improving the manageability and consequently the accessibility to the painting of parts with complex surfaces. Adaptability perfect at hand, reducing the feeling of fatigue on continued work due to weight reduction and improvement in their support points. It incorporates the air valve SOFT FLOW, higher precision and smothness, even with high air pressure. Application possibility for all kind of paints and sprayable products: dyes, metals, glazes, varnishes, basecoats, primers, glues, adhesives, abrasive products, ceramics, forge effect (special T.C.), textured, etc.

Air Cap XT01 B
XT01 B 1.00 Special metalized and basecoats
1.20 Clearcoats and primers
1.40 Primers and fillers
Air Cap Super VIT
Super VIT 1.00 Special metalized and basecoats
1.20 Clearcoats and primers
1.40 Primers and fillers
Air Cap XT03
XT03 1.00 High quality finishes. Basecoats, dyes
1.20 General finishes. Primers
Air Cap 3030
3030 1.20 Minimum mist. Industrial finishes
1.40 Minimum mist. Primers, basecoats
Air Cap 777
777 1.00 Maximum speed
1.20 Finishes, high gloss
Air Cap 765
765 1.00 High quality finishes
1.20 General finishes. Primers
1.40 Primers, basecoats
Air Cap 20 A
20 A 1.80 Glues, adhesives
Weight 524g
Dimensions 18,2 x 17,2 x 4,2 cm
Air inlet couplings BSP 1/4” macho
Paint inlet coupling BSP 3/8” macho
Maximum design pressure 8 bar
Recommended maximum inlet pressure (working pressure) 2,5 - 3,0 bar
Application distance EPA 18-20 cm
Maximum recommended application distance HVLP 15-20 cm
Air consumption Aircap 765 315 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 777 345 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 20A Air consumption Aircap 777
Air consumption Aircap XT01 B 295 L/min
Air consumption Aircap XT03 465 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 3030 514 L/min
Materials in contact with the product INOX, Aluminio Cromado, POM, Teflón, Nylon
Code Version
10152499 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure Special
10152417 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.80[20a
10152416 Spraygun X4100 Serie Pressure1.40[SUPVIT
10152415 Spraygun X4100 Serie Pressure1.30[SUPVIT
10152414 Spraygun X4100 Serie Pressure1.20[SUPVIT
10152413 Spraygun X4100 Serie Pressure1.00[SUPVIT
10152412 Spraygun X4100 Series Pressure 1.40[3030
10152411 Spraygun X4100 Series Pressure 1.20[3030
10152410 Spray Gun X4100 Pressure 1.40[XT01B]EPA
10152409 Spray Gun X4100 Pressure 1.20[XT01B]EPA
10152408 Spray Gun X4100 Pressure 1.00[XT01B]EPA
10152407 Spray Gun X4100 Pressure 1.20[XT03]HVLP
10152406 Spray Gun X4100 Pressure 1.00[XT03]HVLP
10152405 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.20[777
10152404 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.00[777
10152403 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.40[765
10152402 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.20[765
10152401 Spray Gun X4100 Series Pressure 1.00[765