Attention! Exclusive product for the Spanish, Portuguese, Andorran, and Mexican markets.

Forged and anodized body, providing great strength and protection to corrosion both externally and internally. Nozzles with Internal mixing XTREME technology. Perfect atomization.

METAL TO METAL technology where all sealings are free of joints. Ideal for marking paints, road markings, primers, high thickness, waterproofing, intumescent, soil protection, generally dense products,...

Weight 552g
Dimensions 20 x 19 x 4,2 cm
Product inlet 3/4” M BSP
Air inlet 1/4” M BSP
Maximum design pressure 8 bar
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 3 bar
Air consumption (2 bar inlet) 147 L/min
Average sound pressure level 80 dB
Materials in contact with the product INOX, POM, Teflon and Nylon
Code Version
10152301 Spray Gun 4100 XTREME PD 6.0 (pd01)