Due to its size it is the perfect spray gun for restricted access areas which require a lot of wrist movement.  

It reduces mist, saves paint and perfectly defines the work zone. Adapted to the latest products. Tested and developed with waterborne products.

Its new MiniVIT aircap offers a high speed application with a large fan. Designed to work at the highest degree of atomisation at low pressures.

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Air Cap MiniVIT
MiniVIT 0.80 Dyes and Metallics
1.00 Finishes. Highest Quality
1.20 Primers, Basecoats
Air Cap Mini EPA
Mini EPA 0.80 Shading. Dyes, Basecoats
1.00 Finishes. High Quality
1.20 Finishes. High Velocity
Air Cap MiniHVLP
MiniHVLP 0.80 Special Enamels
1.00 Finishes. Low Mist
1.20 Finishes and Primers. Maximum Speed
Weight 347 g
Air inlet couplings BSP 1/4” male
Paint inlet coupling BSP 3/8” male
Maximum design pressure 8 bar
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini EPA 15 - 18 cm
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini HVLP 10 -15 cm
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini VIT 18 cm
Maximum air consumption: Mini EPA 190 L/min
Maximum air consumption: Mini HVLP 335 L/min
Maximum air consumption: Mini VIT 375 L/min
Materials in contact with the product INOX, chromed aluminium, POM, Teflon, Nylon
Code Version
10111910 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 1.40[MINIEPA]
10111901 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEHVLP B0.8[MINIHVLP]
10111902 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEHVLP B1.0[MINIHVLP]
10111903 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEHVLP B1.2[MINIHVLP]
10111904 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 0.80[MINIEPA]
10111905 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 1.00[MINIEPA]
10111906 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 1.20[MINIEPA]
10111907 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 0.80[MINIVIT]
10111908 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 1.00[MINIVIT]
10111909 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEEPA B 1.20[MINIVIT]