New body, maximum ergonomics
Low air consumption
Minimum mist

Pressurised spray gun with internal mix aircap permitting operation at extremely low air consumption -only 65 L/min- and very low pressure -1-2 bar-.

It is designed for multi-use, always achieving top quality finishes even with medium viscosity products.

Spray production system with internal mix through two aircaps. New aircaps giving perfectly uniform, top-quality fan: adjustable from circular to perfectly flat. Ideal for single component products.

Easy to handle. Totally portable.
Internal atomisation track. Continuous air flow. 
Low level of mist and noise. Clean air - no oil.
Application of varnishes and primers.

Maximum pressure 3,5 bar
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 1-2 bar
Cup 600 c.c.
Code Version
10130102 Spray Gun 472 Pro Pressure