Designed to clean automatically spray guns and painting accessories when working with solventbased paints and clearcoats.

Auto-extraction of solvent vapors.

Atomizer venturi.

Blowgun for drying the gun interior areas.

Brush for washing the gun exterior areas.

Recirculation solvent automatic cycle (timer).

Automatic final cycle of clean solvent.

Equipped with dual automatic cleaning system, with reused and clean solvents, this latter can be dosed in a timed or manual.

Pneumatic blowing device to avoid the penetration of solvent into the interior of the gun.

100% Stainless Steel.

Dimensions 1.520 x 700 x 530 mm
Weight 50 Kg
Sustainable load 20 Kg
Capacity of the washing unit 38 L
Working pressure 6 - 7 bar
CE Certification YES
Code Version
40000522 Compact 235 Spray Gun Washer