Design to clean spray guns and accessories when working with waterborne products.

Brush with water for cleaning the exterior of the gun.

Gun with coupling to clean interior areas.

Blowgun for drying.

Filter mat for residues and pump absorption filter.

Allows to clean easily of the dirty water, mixing it with the floculant through a pneumatic system.

This way it separates completely the paint and pigment residues.

Robust and easy to use.

Minimum maintenance.

Made of stainless steel.

Dimensions 1.500 x 500 x 660 mm
Weight 40 Kg
Grid 275 x 385 mm
Deposit dimensions 540 x 355 mm. (30 Litres)
Max. working unit weight 5 Kg
Pump output 5 L/min
Working pressure 6 - 7 bar
CE Certification YES
Code Version
40000177 AQUAplastic Spray Gun Washer