Air from a compressor circulating through the network contains particles and solid impurities, water from the relative humidity of the suction air and burnt oil from the compressor. All these impurities accompanied by compressed air reach the vital parts of tools causing oxidation and premature wear.

For these reasons it is necessary to eliminate impurities by means of a filter, taking into account that the maximum performance with the minimum pressure loss must be obtained. SAGOLA FILTRATION SYSTEMS guarantee the maximum air quality and the minimum pressure loss throughout the line.

5100X Filter Regulator

Double outlet
Its filtration system retains water and impurities

Ideal for waterborne and HS paints
Very high quality finishes
Minimum loss of pressure
Maximum air filtration quality

Friction and centrifuged filtering. Incorporate 8 micron sinterised brass filter.

Its filtration system retains water and impurities.

It has 2 outlets allowing you to use two tools at once. 

Its NEW VESSEL is tougher and more protective. Comes with a NEW DRAINING SYSTEM which reduces maintenance costs due to its greater durability.

Valid for HS paints and highest quality finishes. Self-draining system and assisted regulator wheel.

Air flow 2.500 L/min
Air inlet 1/2" BSP
Air outlet 1/4" BSP
Maximum working pressure 12 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 90ºC
Net weight 2,640 g
Code Version
10730202 Fil-reg 5100X (us-mil)
10730206 Fil-reg 5100X (EUROPERFIL)
10730208 Fil-reg 5100X (NITTO)