The virtues of the regulator-filter 479 is now united to a lubricating element, setting itself apart as specific workshop equipment. It supplies clean, lubricated air to all your tools.

Accurate control of the oil content by means of a “drop-by-drop” hand regulator, zero pressure loss thanks to the in-line design, maximum reliability and productivity in the most compact package.

Dimensions 229 x 148 x 115 mm
Weight 1450 gr.
Brass filter 40 microns
Air flow 1700 L/min
Connection 1/2", 3/8", 1/4"
Max. Working pressure 10 bar
Drain system semi automatic
Code Version
10750301 970 PLUS 1/2" 0-12b Filter-reg-lubr
10750302 970 PLUS 3/8" 0-12b Filter-reg-lubr
10750303 970 PLUS 1/4" 0-12b Filter-reg-lubr