The size 2 plug is the most commonly used push plug in paint and body shops, and also in industry for the connection of all kinds of pneumatic tools.

Silicone free.

All springs, valves and pins made of stainless steel. All SAGOLA connectors are manufactured in high carbon steel making them extremely strong and stress resistant.

Fully compatible with earlier lines of SAGOLA plugs. Made of high-carbon steel. Anti-corrosive nickel etched finish. Connector without blocker.

Nozzle 7-8 mm
Code Version
11020420 Connection Male BSPT 1/4" US-MIL(2 Unit)
11020421 Connection Male BSPT 3/8" US-MIL(2 Unit)
11020422 Connection Male BSPT 1/2" US-MIL(2 Unit)
11020423 Connection Male BSPT 1/4" US-MIL (50 U.)
11020520 Connection Female BSPP 1/4" US-MIL (2u.)
11020521 Connection Female BSPP 3/8" US-MIL (2u.)
11020522 Connection Female BSPP 1/2" US-MIL (2u.)
11020523 Connector Female Swivel 1/4" US-MIL
11020524 Connection Female BSPP 1/4" US-MIL (50u)
11020621 Spigot Connection Ø 8 mm. US-MIL (2un.)
11020622 Spigot Connection Ø 10 mm. US-MIL (2un.)
11020623 Spigot Connection Ø 8 mm. US-MIL (50 U)
11020710 Connection Male BSPT 1/4"europrofile(2u)
11020721 Connection Male BSPT 3/8"europrofile(2u)
11020722 Connection Male BSPT 1/2"europrofile(2u)
11020810 Connection Female BSPP 1/4"europrofil(2)
11020821 Connection Female BSPP 3/8"europrofil(2)
11020822 Connection Female BSPP 1/2"europrofil(2)
11020921 Spigot Connection Ø 8 mm. Europrofil(2)
11020922 Spigot Connection Ø 10 mm. Europrofil(2)
11021001 Connection Male BSPT 1/4" NITTO (2 Unit)
11021002 Connection Male BSPT 3/8" NITTO (2 Unit)
11021101 Connection Female BSPP 1/4" NITTO (2u.)
11021102 Connection Female BSPP 3/8" NITTO (2u.)
11021201 Spigot Connection Ø8 mm. NITTO (2un.)
11021202 Spigot Connection Ø10 mm. NITTO (2un.)