The Sagola HTV 250 X incorporates a vertical bellows system that provides exceptional life in the harshest conditions of use.

Specially designed for working with “difficult” products, it completely eliminates packing gland leaks, multiplying the life of conventional equipment by 5. It requires no lubrication in the shaft area. Oversized valves for less wear. Oversized air distributor to avoid freezing.

Maximum protection for complex products:

• High reactivity

• Thixotropic

• Quick drying (UV)

• Waterborne products

Weight 30 Kg
Dimensions 46.5 x 46 x 87.5 cm.
Pressure ratio 25:1
Flow per cycle 42 c.c.
Free flow (60 cycles) 2.54 L/min
Maximum product outlet pressure 176 bar
Maximum air inlet pressure 7 bar
Air inlet 1/4” BSP F - Quick connector Us-Mil
Product outlet BSP 1/4” M
Tip max 0,018”
Code Version
30931801 Htv 250 Trolley And Suction Probe
30931899 Complete Htv 250 Mix