Solution for the professional application of antigravel and underbody protection products.

Versatility and productivity model 518 PRO, with ample regulation possibilities.

Total regulation on product flow and quality of atomization and spray size.

Air inflow regulator.

Operating pressure.

The cartridge container is made in anodized aluminum.

It is light and sturdy.

Needle regulator to control precisely the texturing.

Very accurate depressurizing valve.

It is easy to handle even with gloves.

Special air cap for cavity wax, that includes two types of dispensers. (OPTIONAL).

Stainless steel silencer.

The 518 Pro works with low pressure and offers the maximum regulation options and productivity.

Empty weight 1.369 g
Connection 1/4” male coupling
Air consumption 160 L/min at 3.5 bar air pressure
Working pressure 3 bar - 10 bar
Maximum pressure 10 bar
Code Version
10330301 518 Pro Antigravel Spray Gun