Attention! Exclusive product for the Spanish, Portuguese, Andorran, and Mexican markets.

Plus series has been exclusively designed and manufactured for professional use, it gathers high standard in performance and design.

High efficiency and sturdy design.
Simple and smooth regulator.
High resistant build.
Long-lasting anticorrosive surface treatments build.

472 PLUS purifier-regulator
The most compact design for the small workshops, industry or air supplies to pneumatic tools.
Made in solid aluminium.
High air flow.
Quality pressure gauge.
High reliability regulation system.
Suitable for multiple hose sizes, couplings included.
High filtering capacity with impurities check windows and semi-automatic draining system.

Dimensions 229 x 79 x 115 mm
Weight 886 gr.
Brass filter 40 microns
Air flow 1700 L/min
Connection 1/2", 3/8", 1/4"
Maximum working pressure 10 bar
Drain system semi automatic
Code Version
10730401 479 PLUS Air Filter-regulator 1/2" 0-12b
10730402 479 PLUS Air Filter-regulator 3/8" 0-12b
10730403 479 PLUS Air Filter-regulator 1/4" 0-12b