Complete breathing equipment.



Pocket regulator and coalescent filter to remove low levels of moisture and oil.

10 meters of hose and safety plugs, 1,5 meter of hose spray gun outlet.

Preset regulator incorporating flow warning gauge with integrated high efficiency particle filter.

The unit conforms to BS EN 1835, with a protection factor of 40. EC Certificate Number 58459, issued by BSi Product Certification.

89/686/CEE (EPI) approved.

Protection will only be offered if the unit is fitted correctly. The filter will not remove Carbon Monoxide or other toxic gases. The filter changes to red when contaminated and must be changed immediately. The unit is not designed for use in atmospheres containing flammable gas mixtures. The unit is designed for use against contaminants, which are not immediately dangerous to life and health or where self-contained breathing apparatus is not essential.

Air pressure 4 - 10 bar
Face Mask air flow 160 - 232 L/min.
Mask hose lenght (supply to regulator) 10 m.
Working temperature 1.5 - 50 ºC
Filter life 400 hours
Protection factor 40
Code Version
15830103 4240 Face Mask, Belt, Filter (us-mil)
15830104 4240 Face Mask, Belt, Filter (NITTO)
15830101 4240 Face Mask, Belt, Filter And Hose
15830102 4240 Face Mask, Belt, Filter And Hose