Why infrared Sagola?
Made with the best materials and under the strictest quality controls.
This new generation of short-wave infrared dryers is ideal for quick bodywork services and to increase the production capacity of all types of workshops.
Available in analog and digital version, incorporate the proximity detection system (PDS) which, together with a simple digital control panel, make use of the equipment is simple and safe.

Profitability of use
Most of the repairs in workshops are small and medium bumps, mainly in the front, rear and side parts.
Traditionally cabin room for drying small areas of the bodywork is used and can cause problems bottleneck in situations of great workflow.
Contrary to booths, infrared dryers demonstrate more effective on small areas of the bodywork as they allow the application of heat directly on the treated part.

Infrared systems emit different types of waves: long, medium and short.
The fundamental difference between them is the depth of penetration through the paint film, being shortwave that reaches the highest penetration.
Our equipments use this type of wave, since it reduces drying time and energy consumption.

• Brakes on rear wheels.
• Compensation gravity by locking gas spring.
• Articulated arm with hidden pantograph.
• On screens independently
• Positioning System lock screens in all movements.
• Covers any part of the bodywork.
• Adjustable light intensity 40 - 100%
• Drying mode: automatic, intermittent or permanent.
• Digital display

Voltage 220 V
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max. power 3 x 1,100 w
Minimum working distance 50 cm
Drying area 1 x 1.20 m
Time setting 0 - 99 min
Temperature setting 40 - 100 ºC
EC Certificate OK
Code Version
40000533 Infrared Professional Sagola Dt3