In SAGOLA we have always in mind that for achieving success on a project the important point is taking care of little details. That’s why we offer a complete range of airbrushes, kits and complements, able to satisfy all the needs of:

  • Airbrush design
  • Parts retouching
  • Feathering
  • Parts marking

Double effect professional airbrush.

Similar to XTech 300 but with a 9 c.c. side tank.

0.3 mm. neddle and nozzle set up, that offers a fine pulverization and a good precision.

Ideal for murals for a bit thicker colors.

Neddle closing and packing made of Teflon.

Highly precise and smooth air and product valve.

Working pressure: 15/30 psi.

Air inlet connection: 1/8” male