Sagola: Fostering Talent in Skills Competitions Throughout Spain

Sagola, a leader in automotive painting equipment, continues its commitment to the development and support of young talents in the industry. Once again, Sagola has collaborated as a sponsor and/or jury member in the Skills competitions of several autonomous communities in Spain, where the finalists will have the opportunity to compete in the Spain Skills finals.

Madrid, the Canary Islands, Catalonia, the Basque Country, Castile and Leon, and Cantabria are some of the autonomous communities where Sagola has participated as a collaborator and jury member in the Skills competitions, events that promote professional training and allow students to showcase their practical skills and knowledge geared towards the workforce.

These Skills competitions serve as the preliminary phase for the WorldSkills Spain, the national competition that selects Spanish representatives for the international competitions of WorldSkills International and EuroSkills. The winners of each autonomous community will have the chance to compete in the WorldSkills Spain and demonstrate their talent at a national and international level.

Sagola takes pride in supporting the professionals of the future and promoting excellence in the automotive painting sector. Their commitment to young talents and their offering of quality products have been essential in their participation as collaborators and jury members in these events, strengthening the education and development of students in the field of painting.

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