Sagola drives sectoral training with innovation and educational collaborations

In its firm commitment to the advancement and training of future sector professionals, Sagola has not only forged ties with prestigious educational centers and participated in specialized events but has also marked a milestone in educational innovation with the launch of its new product, the Sagola Spray. This virtual reality system represents a leap in technical training, allowing users to paint in a fully equipped virtual booth, where they can experiment with new techniques and perfect the angle, speed, and paint load without the costs or limitations of a physical environment.

The collaboration with institutions such as CIFP Ferrolterra, CEFP Salesianos Padre Aramburu, IES Enrique Tierno Galván, Escola Tècnica Girona, and IES Diego Marín Aguilera, among others, has been enriched by integrating the Sagola Spray into their training programs. This innovative system not only facilitates more interactive and efficient learning but also underscores Sagola's commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental impact by eliminating the need to use physical materials in the learning phase.

Notable figures from the educational and professional field, such as Mr. Rubén Fernández from Comercial Teijido, Mr. Alberto Díaz from CEFP Salesianos Padre Aramburu, and Mr. Pedro Urda, organizer of the SpainSkills, have recognized the potential of the Sagola Spray as a revolutionary tool in the training of emerging talents.

Sagola's presence at the SMOPYC Fair in Zaragoza, invited by the European Association of Future Professionals (AFUPRO) and with the participation of Mr. Jesús María Gómez, president of AFUPRO, reflects the relevance of innovation and collaboration between the industry and the educational sector for the advancement of the sector.

The closure of this cycle of educational initiatives was crowned by the visit of teachers from IES Diego Marín Aguilera to Sagola's headquarters in Vitoria-Gasteiz, where the educational team, composed of Fernando Vigo, Alejandro Ventosa, Pablo Helguera, and Fernando Ortega, was able to closely learn about the innovations and Sagola's approach to the future of the sector.

With these actions, Sagola reaffirms its position in the sector, paving the way for the next generation of professionals to face future challenges with a solid foundation of knowledge, advanced technical skills, and a sustainable and efficient vision of work.

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