Sagola at Collision Repair Expo 2024: Innovation and Technology for the Future of Automotive Repair

From April 11 to 13, 2024, Sagola had the honor of participating in the prestigious Collision Repair Expo at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre, Australia. This fair is the most prominent event for the automotive collision repair industry in the region, bringing together over 9,000 professionals from Australia, New Zealand, and beyond.

Sagola presented an impressive range of products designed to meet the most demanding needs of vehicle repair and refinishing. Among the star products that captured the attendees' attention were:

  • Sagola 4600: Introduced for the first time at the expo, this spray gun stands out for its efficiency and quality in paint application. It offers ultra-fine atomization and Dynamic Flow technology, ensuring a flawless finish even at lower working pressures.
  • Sagola 3300 GTO: A versatile spray gun handling everything from base coats to fillers, thanks to its wide variety of air caps and fluid tips.
  • Sagola Spray: Sagola's virtual booth where professionals can learn and evaluate their painting techniques, improving their skills and knowledge.
  • Mini Xtreme: Perfect for spot repairs, this compact tool provides precise control and a high level of detail in the finish.
  • Disposable DPC Cups: Designed to make painters' work easier, these cups ensure quick and clean paint preparation.
  • Sagola Altair: With a high-efficiency LED lighting system, this tool allows for precise visual control during the application of colors and clear coats.
  • 5000X Series Filters: These filters ensure a supply of clean, dry compressed air, essential for a high-quality paint finish.

Sagola's presence at the Collision Repair Expo not only showcased the quality and innovation of our products but also reinforced our commitment to the automotive industry by providing advanced solutions that facilitate the work of repair and refinishing professionals.

Sagola continues to lead the way in paint equipment technology, ensuring that our customers have the best tools to achieve perfect finishes.

Let's keep shining together towards a brighter future! #SagolaPower

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