BASF training conferences

BASF training conferences

At the beginning of last December, the technical team of SAGOLA, had the opportunity to visit to the central facilities that BASF has in Guadalajara.

The purpose of this trip was to participate in several training sessions, focus on both BASF internal technicians (from their CV line and their BCS) and technicians from their main Distributors in the National market.

The training was very specific, focused on painting systems with its CV line for commercial and industrial vehiclespainting.

Sagola provided an important training course covering both the practical and theoretical aspectson the advantages, uses and performances of the different industrial spray systems (aerographic,airless and mixed).

Also,we had the opportunity to look for the best combinations and equipment settings for the application of the main CV products of BASF. All the technicians in both sessions had the opportunity to apply primers, basecoats and single stage with the fastest equipment and the best performance in each case.

The SAGOLA 4100 Xtreme Pressure, was tested with several versions of the hybrid aircups (Supervit and EPA), the very high-speedones (777 and 765) and the HVLP of maximum performance.

These kinds of actions reinforce even more, the great collaboration that, for decades now, BASF and SAGOLA have also maintained in their different industrial divisions. We want to show BASF team gratitude for counting on Sagola for this special training and for the implication, interest and professionalism shown during those days, both by the organizing team (Rocío, Sergio and Sebastián) and by all the technicians. A very successful action that we are willing to repeat in the near future.

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