4100 GTO presentation in CESVIMAP crash-test and reparation center

CESVIMAP, Spain SAGOLA introduced the new 4100 GTO finishing spray gun in CESVIMAP in May 8. CESVIMAP is one of the main Spanish insurance company’s collision center and serves as a good-practice training center for nationwide bodyshops. The new 4100 GTO gets the highest quality/price ratio amongst the finishing spray guns in the market. It is manufactured following the highest standards and meeting the strictest environmental rules. The 4100 GTO is available with two different air caps, being their transference rate up to 65% in the case of the TECH air cap, and up to 75% with the HVLP head. The TECH air cap gets the highest performance with clearcoats and single stage HS and UHS paints, whereas the HVLP air cap matches perfectly the colors, both with waterborne and solvent based basecoats. The 4100 GTO’s body is made of high strength chromed aluminum, which makes it perfect for waterborne basecoats. Besides, all the parts of the gun are made of aluminum or stainless steel. This spray gun is easy to use and very versatile to use in any application and with any color. The 4100 GTO will be used at CESVIMAP in their different training and research work.

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