High pressure mix spray gun
High performance
Innovation and functionality
Perfect for the latest water-based

The speed of high-pressure painting (30-140 bar) and the quality of atomisation of the SAGOLA Xtreme line (0.5-2 bar).

Ideal for waterborne products.

Designed for UV and waterborne paints.

NEW Aircap with the maximum atomisation quality.

The finest paint particles at the lowest pressure.

The maximum degree of fan pattern adjustment.

Up to 60% fan pattern reduction.

MAXIMUM TRANSFER of up to 80%, exceeding the most rigorous environmental regulations and standards.

Saves paint and reduces mist. Ideal for waterborne products.

Air Cap 11/40
11/40 11/40 Finishes
Air Cap 13/40
13/40 13/40 Fonds and primers
Max. working pressure without spring back 90 bar
Max. working pressure with short spring 120 bar
Max. working pressure with long spring 150 bar
Air inlet M16
Product inlet 1/4”
Product filter 100 mesh
Air consumption 150 L/min