Wide range of applications with the support of a pressure pot or a low pressure pump. Compliance with the most demanding rules concerning solvent emission.

4100 Xtreme EPA
The most environmentally-friendly solution withoutlosing sight of profitability or finish quality. It offers high paint transfer without increasing air consumption or any special application requirements. Maximum gloss with the most demanding finishes.

4100 Xtreme HVLP
Maximum paint saving and solvent emission reduction. Paint transfers up to 75%, much higher than the required by regulation. Maximum paint control. Especially recommended for color, metal and dye applications. Outlet pressure of only 0.7 bar High speed aircap XT03 and special aircap 3030 for processes where the motto is minimum mist and maximum painting.

4100 Xtreme Medium Pressure
Wide range of applications, even high viscosity, with the support of a pressure pot or pressurized pump. Paint flow above 330cc/min and large fans.

Application possibility for all kind of paints and sprayable products: dyes, metals, glazes, varnishes, basecoats, primers, glues, adhesives, abrasive products, ceramics, forge effect (special T.C.), textured, etc.

Air Cap XT01 B
XT01 B 1.00 Special metalized and basecoats
1.20 Clearcoats and primers
1.40 Primers and fillers
Air Cap Super VIT
Super VIT 1.00 Special metalized and basecoats
1.20 Clearcoats and primers
1.40 Primers and fillers
Air Cap XT03
XT03 1.00 High quality finishes. Basecoats, dyes
1.20 General finishes. Primers
Air Cap 3030
3030 1.20 Minimum mist. Industrial finishes
1.40 Minimum mist. Primers, basecoats
Air Cap 777
777 1.00 Maximum speed
1.20 Finishes, high gloss
Air Cap 765
765 1.00 High quality finishes
1.20 General finishes. Primers
1.40 Primers, basecoats
Air Cap 20A
20A 1.80 Glues, adhesives
Weight 536g
Dimensions 20 x 18 x 4.2 cm
Air inlet coupling BSP 1/4” male
Product inlet coupling BSP 3/8” male
Design pressure 8 bar
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2.5 - 3.0 bar (Medium pressure)
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2.0 bar (HVLP and EPA)
Maximum recommended application distance 20 - 25 cm (Medium pressure)
Maximum recommended application distance 15 - 20 cm (HVLP and EPA)
Air consumption Aircap 765 370 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 777 400 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 20A 470 L/min
Air consumption Aircap XT01 B 320 L/min
Air consumption Aircap XT03 530 L/min
Air consumption Aircap 3030 570 L/min
Materials in contact with the product INOX, chromed aluminium, POM, Teflon, Nylon
Code Version
10152101 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress.1.00[765]
10152102 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.20[765]
10152103 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.40[765]
10152104 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.00[777]
10152105 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.20[777]
10152106 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.80[20a]
10152107 Spray Gun4100XTREMEPress.1.00[xto3]HVLP
10152108 Spray Gun4100XTREMEPress.1.20[xto3]HVLP
10152109 Spray Gun4100XTREMEPress.1.00[XT01B]EPA
10152110 Spray Gun4100XTREMEPress.1.20[XT01B]EPA
10152111 Spray Gun4100XTREMEPress.1.40[XT01B]EPA
10152112 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.20[3030]
10152113 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress. 1.40[3030]
10152114 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress.1.00[SUPVIT]
10152115 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress.1.20[SUPVIT]
10152117 Spray Gun 4100 XTREMEPress.1.40[SUPVIT]