“Control” is the word that best defines the new SAGOLA Mini Xtreme.

It ensures the perfect air-paint ratio for every situation. Work with the correct fan pattern sizes without running the risk of overloading and wrong paint particle sizes. It reduces mist, saves paint and perfectly defines the work zone.

Fan patterns designed to obtain the best drying times with the finest finish, always with minimum pressures.

Specific high-transfer aircaps with an exclusive air diffusion system to achieve a smooth spraying with low pressure.

Nozzle Mini Aqua
Mini Aqua 0.80 Special for waterborne paints. Xtreme finishes
1.00 Waterborne paints
1.20 Waterborne paints. High speed
Nozzle MiniEPA
MiniEPA 0.80 Fine feathering, basecoats
1.00 Retouching. feathering. Waterborne and solventbased basecoats. Clearcoats and dyes
1.20 Clearcoats, UV paints, Extremely high finish quality.
Nozzle Mini HVLP
Mini HVLP 1.30 Especially for dyes: wood, tannery products, footwear.
1.40 Finishes, dyes
Nozzle Mini TECH
Mini TECH 0.60 Primers for leather with low viscosity products.
1.00 Lettering and small retouches.
Weight with cup 505g
Air inlet couplings BSP 1/4” M
Dimensions 29 x 16 x 11 cm
Cup capacity 500 ml
Deposit with removable anti-drip system Yes
Incorporates 100-mesh paint filter Yes
Design pressure 8 bar
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2,0 bar
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini EPA 15 - 18 cm
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini HVLP 10 - 15 cm
Maximum recommended application distance: Mini Tech 15 - 18 cm
Maximum air consumption: Mini EPA 190 L/min
Maximum air consumption: Mini HVLP 325 L/min
Maximum air consumption: Mini TECH 52 L/min
Materials in contact with the product INOX, anodised aluminium, POM, Teflon, Nylon
Code Version
10111801 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 0.80[miniAQUA]
10111802 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.00[miniAQUA]
10111803 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.20[miniAQUA]
10111804 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.30[MINIHVLP]
10111805 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.40[MINIHVLP]
10111806 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 0.80[MINIEPA]
10111807 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.00[MINIEPA]
10111808 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.20[MINIEPA]
10111809 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.00[MINIHVLP]
10111810 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.20[MINIHVLP]
10111811 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 0.60[MINITECH]
10111812 Spray Gun MiniXTREMEG 1.00[MINITECH]