Limited Edition

Cutting edge technology with a vintage look; the fusion between creativity and innovation.

¡¡¡The New Limited Edition of SAGOLA!!!

Adventurous spirit expression and way of life symbol; no matter how hard the road is.

The 4600 Scrambler evokes the essence of that legendary time.

All-rounder style; regardless of the road ahead the journey must continue.

A unique design and an off-road performance both for coloured basecoat and clear coat.

Solid spray gun with a real Scrambler look under the highest Sagola quality.

DVR AQUA 1.2 XL Waterborne paints, low viscosity 1,8-2,0 bar
1.30 Special waterborne paints 1,8-2,0 bar
DVR CLEAR 1.2 XL Low viscosity clearcoats. Express drying 2,0-2,2 bar
1.30 HS Clearcoats. High quality. High brightness 2,0-2,2 bar
1.30 XL HS Clearcoats. High application speed 2,0-2,5 bar
1.40 HS Clearcoats and Single stage. High speed 2,0-2,5 bar
Weight without cup 482 g
Weight with cup 668 g
Dimensions with cup 33.5 x 10.6 x 17 cm
Air inlet couplings 1/4"
Cup capacity 650 ml
Deposit with removable anti-drip system YES
Paint filter 80-mesh
Maximum recommended inlet pressure (working pressure) 2 bar
Air consumption (2 bar inlet) 18 - 20 cm
Average paint output flow (nozzle 1.4 mm. 20”) DVR AQUA 239 g/min
Average paint output flow (nozzle 1.4 mm. 20”) DVR CLEAR 227 g/min
Air consumption of each aircap (2 bar inlet) DVR AQUA 280 L/min.
Air consumption of each aircap (2 bar inlet) DVR CLEAR 295 L/min
Fan size DVR AQUA 295-300 mm
Fan size DVR CLEAR 285-300 mm
Average sound pressure level 80 dB
ATEX II 2G Ex ia IIC T4 GB CE 0163 LOM 05ATEX 2091 X
ATEX || 2G T60ºC x
Community Design Patent
Paint packing 07380321.5
Shape design 559018
Aircaps with air deflector 08380132.4